The Best Guidelines for Branding


We’re getting right into all the deep cuts now. In my opinion, these deep cuts should be the main hits!

But I must warn you… After I tell you these 8 points, they will never ever leave your mind again. Like a curse, but a good one.

Every decision you make in your biz will now be forced to see if it aligns with these 8 basic branding secrets…

Huh? I thought we were talking about branding not social media. Well, if this seems like it doesn’t correlate with your brand, let me change your world!

One of the biggest ways to build trust with your audience is through your online presence. Your domain name & social media handles are basically your online nicknames! They’re going to be the names people will search to find you – SO THEY BETTER BE ON BRAND!

Imagine trying to find a floral design business called “Floral Beauties” but their domain name is and their social handles are @flowersandbeauties because wasn’t available.

You want to MAKE SURE that the name of your business is available across all of your social media handles and as a domain to eliminate any possible disconnect or confusion!

Hey again! We’ve covered the basics. Woo!! That means some very important assets are next on your to-do list.

If you’ve made it this far, you’re ready to learn about how you can invest in some rockin’ brand assets…

Because your branding is the face of your biz!

Okay ya’ll. I saved the best for last…

Your website is arguably the MOST IMPORTANT brand asset for your business. Say it again.


Because you have complete control over it.

Not only do you have full control over how your website looks aka your branding being accurately translated, you have the power to control how you are seen as a person/business owner, what information you’d like to share, and what actions you’d like viewers to make.

This becomes incredibly important when you’d like viewers to MAKE A PURCHASE, SIGN UP FOR A NEWSLETTER, OR BOOK A CALL!

On a website that you’ve truly invested in, you have the ability to easily integrate third-party platforms to create a user experience that is easy to navigate & one that creates results.

Investing in effective web design may sound like a daunting task. But you may be missing out the potential sales & confidence because of things like your branding not being reflected accurately or the mobile layout having issues.

And just like that, you made it to the end!! Ready to dive in to the BASS of your brand!?

APPLY NOW on to get started on your badass branding.

If you’re still on the fence, download my FREE BRANDING GUIDE “Get to the Bass of Your Brand” to help you get started!




The Best Guidelines for Branding


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